Thank you to the nearly 200 members who responded to our 2020 survey.

Your input will be used to help us increase our value to you in 2020/21 and beyond, including a restructuring of our board and committees to better align with your priorities.

Grand River Engineers: who are we?

Our members are contributing to Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding region in many many ways.

71% of respondents are either practicing licensed engineers, or operating under a Certificate of Authorization. 17% are Engineers in Training, and 12% are enjoying retirement.

Most (66%) respondents confirm that their professional engineering license is either necessary, or beneficial to their role.

We asked if our Chapter EIT’s were satisfied with the support they received during their licensing process:

Results are split 50/50. We plan on improving that.

We asked members if they would like to receive licensing support, or be willing to support new license applicants:

We received an overwhelming response from members who would be open to helping guide new license applicants. This is great news for our local EIT’s, and a great way to connect experienced engineers with young engineers or newcomers to the region who wish to practice engineering.

We asked about your progress with the Practice Education and Knowledge (PEAK) program:

2/3rds of our respondents have completed some or all of the recommended PEAK hours. The goal would be for all members to reach 100%, and we think we can help with this.

We asked if you were looking for opportunities as a learner, or a knowledge contributor:

Many of you are looking for continuous learning opportunities, but may not know where to look. We can help by identifying quality learning resources relevant to Engineers and building an on-line collection accesible to our members.

Many of our members are knowledge experts, and in true professional Engineering spirit have indicated a willingness to share their knowledge with others. We hope to find ways of connecting learners and subject matter experts – safely and effectively in the upcoming months.

We asked how much value you attach to PEO and OSPE:

One of our goals this year is to increase our value to you.

We are already working on new initiatives to add value to our members, and align our activities to the new provincial PEO priorities of licensing, practice education and knowledge, and standards.

We’ll ask you again in a year, and see how we do.

Meanwhile, thank you for your feedback, and please join us as we work towards a new and revitalised Chapter.

If you haven’t done so, and wish to complete the survey, we would still love to hear from you: Member Survey