We are now launching the Licensure Assistance Program online. This program is designed to link licensed Professional Engineers (Guides) with Engineering Interns to provide guidance and support to the intern as he/she progresses towards professional licensure status.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of PEO and participating through the association can be a very rewarding experience that provides on-going professional skills development.

Earlier this year we asked for participants and in our follow-up survey last month many of you expressed an interest in providing support for local engineering interns. Due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic the program is being moved to a virtual format where the guides and interns can connect online until the physical distancing guidelines are lifted.

This Licensure Assistance Program is expected to run from June to December of this year. You would be expected to meet online with your guide/intern for at least 2 hours a month over that time period and to provide feedback to the Chapter.

For more information and to apply as either an intern or guide, please click on Licensure Assistance Program. If you have signed up for the program prior to 2020 as either an intern or a guide please resubmit your name to be included in this year’s program. If you signed up for the program at the start of this year you will automatically be considered for the online version of the program. 

Thank you for supporting our local engineering interns! Your experience will make a difference.