Welcome to the Spotlight section of our updated website!  This is a monthly feature where we showcase an engineering individual, business or project within the Grand River Chapter.  This month we’re excited to introduce Jaimie Handscomb.  Jaimie joins us at our Annual General Meeting, Monday February 11, 2019 as our special guest speaker!

Jaimie is a highly experienced engineering professional with Professional Engineering designations in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick.  He is also a Consulting Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Jaimie’s choice to become an engineer was influenced by his parents who were both hardworking medical doctors, who had immigrated to Canada to offer their children better opportunities.  They taught him to work hard and strive to make a difference.  Engineering was a profession they deemed acceptable, and luckily the engineering mentor they introduced him to as a teenager, made the profession seem interesting.

Jaimie completed his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Waterloo before continuing to his successful career working in various engineering, program management and engineering management roles.  His specialties include design, auditing, and development of engineering teams, as well as development of training, standards and management systems. 

Throughout Jaimie’s career he has always made the time to volunteer, starting and stopping as time permitted.  He sees volunteering as an essential part of our society, and as something you should just do, rather than plan to do.

Professionally, Jaimie’s primary focus is on developing project management and engineering staff into an integrated team to support industrial, major commercial, municipal and construction industries. This includes training of junior and senior staff on engineering principals, project management and business development with a focus on schedules, budget management and quality design.

Additionally, Jaimie spends time as a practice evaluator for PEO, where he conducts independent reviews in cases where there is a complaint against other firms or engineers.  He understands this work to be very important as he has the opportunity to fix designs with major flaws and potential for severe health and safety consequences.

When asked what the biggest challenge facing the next generation is, Jaimie identified that Technology is both the biggest challenge and asset.  “Technology allows us to do so much, but at the same time will get us into trouble”

To learn more about Jaimie or to make a connection visit his LinkedIn Profile.

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