Four deserving students received PEO Grand River Chapter Scholarship

By Jonathan Velasco

Grand River PEO
Grand River Chapter Scholarship 2018 Recepients

(L-R) Kayley Ting (UoW), Tiana Bressan (UoG), Leah Davis (UoG) and Helena Kunic (UoG)

It was an early Christmas for these four young ladies when they received the news last November 2018 that they were selected as one of the four PEO Grand River Chapter scholarship recipients. More than 20 applications were judged separately by three members from the education committee.

The judges all admitted that this year’s applicants were very competitive and entries were very difficult to score.  These grants are offered to the first year students of an accredited engineering program from the UoG, UoW and Conestoga College.  The applicants submitted an essay describing their extra-curricular activities, their community involvement, and most importantly, reasons why they want to become a Professional Engineer. 

Kayley Ting is the recipient of the $1,500 PEO Grand River chapter grant. She is a biomedical engineering student from UoW. During her high school years, she founded and captained an all-girls robotics team and all-girls physics debate team. She has been involved in the science Olympics club, as well as math and computing competitions. Kayley created a wearable device to measure skin electrical activity to monitor stress levels which can indicate sensory overload in individuals with autism. She organized many school events and charity fundraisers and initiated anti-bullying and mental health awareness campaigns.

Tiana Bressan is the recipient of the Hitachi Truck Manufacturing grant for $1,500. She is a biomedical engineering student from UoG. She has over 250 hours of community volunteer time. She was part of fundraising activities for local charities, initiated anti-bullying campaigns and drug use prevention. She held leadership roles in their robotics club, Christian Life program, and student council. She is also involved in many sports programs.

Leah Davis is the recipient of the JMP Engineering grant for $1,000. She is a biomedical engineering student from UoG. Leah designed a product to aid food and liquid intake within malnourished dementia patients in collaboration with the Northern Ontario Alzheimer’s society. She co-founded her school’s science club, and founded her own tutoring business. Among many charitable accomplishments, she also initiated events for local blood donations, stem cell research and organ donation.

Helena Kunic is the recipient of the Lean Transformlution grant for $1,000. She is also a biomedical engineering student from UoG. Her aim is to develop child-friendly prosthetics and teach children how to use them. She supported students with intellectual disabilities. She served during the World Down Syndrome Day.  Helena is a member of her school science Olympic team, a teacher’s assistant in a Croatian Catholic night school and has done a mission trip to an orphanage in Peru.  She has also played soccer in the City of Guelph’s team.

It is interesting to note that all four recipients are enrolled in the same engineering program. They have all enjoyed the cash awards given last Christmas, and were later recognized during the chapter annual general meeting in Feb 11, 2019 at the Inn of Waterloo and Conference Center. A special thank you to PEO and to our sponsor companies for the financial support. Special thanks to Reda Fayek for leading the 2018 scholarship selection and to the judges who spent many hours scoring the applications.               

PEO Grand River Chapter will continue to recognize exemplary students who will one day become leaders in the engineering profession.