The Region of Waterloo provides municipal drinking water to homes and businesses throughout the Waterloo Region treating water at Mannheim Water Treatment Plant located at 2069 Ottawa St S, Kitchener, ON N2E 3K3

Mannheim Water Treatment Plant can treat 840 Liters per second or 72.6 Million Liters per day. That’s enough water to fill over 1,450 backyard swimming pools every day! This Technical Tour will provide an overview of the Journey of water to your tap and water treatment process.

In Waterloo Region, approximately 75 per cent of the municipal drinking water supply comes from groundwater wells and 25 per cent comes from the Grand River which goes through a multi-step treatment process:

1. An intake pipe moves water from the Grand River to holding reservoirs which allow larger particles to settle out.

2. The water is then pumped to the Mannheim Water Treatment Plant to begin a multi-step treatment process.

3. The water is disinfected using a multi-barrier approach including filtration, ozonation, chlorination and ultraviolet light.

4. The finished water enters a large underground storage reservoir where it is mixed with treated groundwater before entering the distribution system.

To keep treated water safe while travelling through the distribution system to your tap, a minimum level of residual chlorine or chloramine must be maintained.

Visitors receive a walk-through of Mannheim Water Treatment Plant.

There is no fee for this tour and spaces are limited and are intended for Chapter members (EITs and P.Engs) only.

Tour start at 5:00 p.m. sharp and is anticipated to last about an hour and half.

Space is limited to 40 participants on a first come first basis. Additional information available by contacting