10th Annual Mathletics Competition a Huge Success

By Jonathan Velasco

The education committee of the PEO Grand River Chapter held the 10th annual Mathletics competition on March 23rd, 2019 at the Conestoga College of Engineering, Cambridge Campus. Fifty-seven (57) students from various grade schools in our region participated in the competition this year.

The competition is composed of 2 categories, grades 5&6 (junior) and grades 7&8(senior), and two rounds each, easy and difficult. The math questions were written in a manner that stirs interest in young minds and bridges classroom learning with real life applications.  We have to admit, the questions are very challenging and are also timebound.  The highest correct percentage for both categories was ~87%, which is impressive. 

The mathletes used special clicker devices to transmit their answers, which are are recorded in a receiving software.   There is also the traditional paper airplane competition held during breaks, wherein the farthest thrown airplane wins a cool prize.

For this year, the best paper airplane pilot was Gavin DeBoer. He received a cool quadcopter drone.  For the Mathletics Junior Category, first placer was Yasin Elkadri, second placer was Daniel Banjo and third placer was Isabel Mwangi. 

For the Senior Category, first placer was Benjamin Dong, second placer was Spencer Ceolin and third placer was Joshua Dierickse.

All winners received cash awards and certificates.

Although only six came up to be recognized for their excellence in mathematics, we believe all participants were winners in their own rights. 

They had fun and learned new things from the contest that they may not otherwise get from the classroom. Congratulations to all of you.

The goal of this competition is to promote mathematics and the engineering profession to the youth. This is what inspires the volunteers to share their time and talent on a cold Saturday morning.  To lay the foundation and create a spark, that one day, many amongst the participants will be the future leaders in the engineering world.

Mathletics 2019